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Shipping Container

Convenient        Flexible        Secure       

Don’t want to travel with your goods? Do you need a few days, a few weeks or a few months of storage at the origin or destination? Door to Door®, U-Box® has the solution.

How Does it Work?

The best part about using U-Box® containers for a move or as a portable storage solution is you have the flexibility and control to plan the perfect move. You can ship them to your new home or store them until you know where you’re going. We give you the opportunity to plan each step of the process to ensure it works best for you. If your plans change, we never charge a fee to change your date or cancel your reservation.


1. Choose the number of containers you need. One UBox® 
container fits about a room and a half of household items. When in doubt get extra - we won’t charge you if you don’t use it.

2. Tell us when you will need to access the containers. If you ship them to a new city but don’t need them yet, we can store them for you at our secure warehouse.

3. We deliver the containers to you and pick them up when you’re ready. If you would rather take them home yourself, tow them home on our specially built trailer or pack them at a U-Haul location.

4. We will store your containers at our secure warehouse, or we can ship them anywhere in the world. You will hear from us when the containers are in transit and when they arrive at your destination.

U-Box® Delivery Options

We Deliver      

Full Service Delivery and Load 

Access at a U-Haul Location



The flexibility of U-Box® means you decide which delivery method works best for your move and budget. We have a variety of other delivery types to fit any budget and anywhere you live – the most in the industry. Learn More

U-Box® containers can satisfy a variety of needs, whether moving cross country, making an
emergency move, or needing on-site storage while renovating your home. Learn More.


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